Joining the Network

To become a member of our network each contractor is
required to first be certified through Level II or higher
so they have the competence we expect of them.

Level II means they have studied advanced theory and equipment operation for quantitative thermal imaging and temperature measurement for P/PM, condition monitoring, quality assurance and forensic investigations. We also require them to use a camera with a resolution of 320 x 240 or better to achieve the clearest photos for examination and analysis.

The course materials have been developed over thirty years of technical and field experience with expert instructors experienced in both electrical and infrared thermography.

The following is included with your purchase of ElectricIR Online:
ElectricIR Online Course
  • Technical Director Private Consultation (1 hour with either Robert Madding or Greg Stockton)
  • Live Refresher Course and Hands-On Clinic (held at various dates/locations throughout the year)
Cost: $995

Additionally, if you are a UI Member or Infrared Support Member, you can purchase Private Electrical Report Writing Consultation (1 hour with Peter Hopkins via net meeting for $175). Other support services are available at

If you have multiple students, call for a quotation at 888-722-6447
Watch the Webinar for
detailed information:

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