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Introducing the ElectricIR™ Associate Thermographer Program

Over the last four years, United Infrared, Inc. (UI) has grown to the largest network of Certified Infrared Thermographers in the world. Over the past six months, our focus has changed from training thermographers and building the network, to aggregating infrared services, team-building and fulfilling contracts through United Infrared Services, Inc. (UIS).

We need qualified infrared thermographers in all our modules, but especially now in the ElectricIR™ (ELIR) Network. The number of ELIR Members is not nearly enough to efficiently offer nationwide coverage to our national accounts, especially given the huge gaps that we have in certain parts of the country. We are gaining ground in the marketplace daily and we are doing great, but we need more ELIR members. Clients want to buy from a national company and have the service delivered on a local basis. This makes perfect sense to them and we know this, so that is what we offer...a consistently good thermography service everywhere in the US. The infrared thermography service business is in large part a logistics business; that is, getting a qualified person with sufficient IR equipment to a given location at the right time to effectively and efficiently do the job. So logistics (our coverage) is critical in making UI and ELIR successful.

We realize that some of you have much experience in electrical infrared testing and are not willing to pay us to be trained in this application. That is OK and we do not blame you for not wanting to take what amounts to a week of your valuable time to attend a class on electric infrared. So we have started the Associate ElectricIR™ Thermographer Membership Program, to hopefully transition you to become a UI Member in a manner that makes sense. Once you join the program, you won't be the lone ranger anymore. We get an experienced thermographer to fulfill our contracts and you get work and a place to send work that you don't want and still make a commission.

ElectricIR Regular Membership Explained

Our current ELIR Members are all at least Level II Certified Infrared Thermographers, all are UI Members in good-standing, all have completed the pre-course qualifications and all have attended a 3-day ELIR class somewhere in the United States. See sample schedule and details here. The UI Membership is $600/year and the ELIR Course is a one-time $1995. The class is taught by Bob Madding and Greg Stockton ( using professional coursework and something nobody else training! This is very important...we know all the ELIR Members personally, because we have met them all at our classes. Also, the business part of the class is proprietary and confidential and for that reason, we do not teach any class content over the web. UI's business model is to send you work, fulfill our client orders and make a sales commission. For regular ELIR Members, the commission is $15% of gross billing to the client.

The Associate Thermographer Program for Your Consideration

  1. Qualify for the Program
  2. Send an application to the ELIR Contracting Director, (Rob Miller). You must be a Level II IR Thermographer with at least 3 years' experience in electrical infrared thermography and use at least a 320x240 resolution radiometric IR imager to be accepted.
  3. If your application is approved, pay a $250 refundable review fee for the ELIR Technical Director (Dr. Robert Madding) to review your qualifications and if necessary, administer an exam.
  4. If your review is approved, you are in the program. If at any time in the process you decide the program will not work for your company, you can walk away from the program and we will refund your fee, or you can take the ELIR course and we will credit the fee toward the course.

  1. Join the Program
  2. Join the ELIR Associate Thermographer Membership Program for 18 months.
  3. Pay a 30% sales commission until the regular membership fee is met.
  4. If at any time you want to join as a regular member, you can do so by attending the last day of any ELIR course or a special session during our Thermal Imaging Conference…

  1. Become a Regular ELIR Member
  2. Our goal is for you to become a Regular Member of UI and ELIR, and we hope that by providing you with this opportunity, you will become a longtime partner.

Application for ELIR Associate Thermographer Membership Program

Filling out this form will contact Rob Miller OR you can contact him directly below:

Rob Miller, CMRP
Contracting Director
United Infrared Services, Inc.
"Your Key to Success"
Direct: 864 637-8826