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Introducing the ElectricIR™ Associate Electrical Contractor Program

Over the last four years, United Infrared, Inc. (UI) has grown to the largest network of Certified Infrared Thermographers in the world. ElectricIR™ is a service module of UI and a network of Level II Certified Infrared Thermographers who are specifically trained in electrical infrared thermography - providing nationwide service to our commercial and industrial clients.

We need qualified electrical contractors to fulfill our contracts throughout the USA.

ElectricIR™ is looking for electrical contractors who:

  • Understand and comply with NFPA-70E regulations
  • Know how to safely remove and replace panel covers during an infrared survey
  • Know how to install infrared windows

We want to partner with your company, so if you qualify we will add your company as an Associate Member of ElectricIR™.

If you cannot qualify, we are willing to train you in the following areas:

  • Arch-Flash Surveying
  • NFPA-70E Compliance
  • Electrical Infrared Surveying
  • Installation of Infrared Windows
  • Ultrasound Technology

Application for ElectricIR™ Associate Electrical Contractor Program

For more details contact:

Rob Miller, CMRP
Contracting Director
United Infrared Services, Inc.
Direct: 864 637-8826